Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Chemical-free, toxin-free – get your vape today to start enjoying smoking without all the harmful side effects that the traditional cigarettes have. A great option for vapers is the volcano vaporizer. There is a volcano vaporizer Amazon sale currently happening so be sure to get your vaporizer before the sale ends!

When it comes to the benefits of vaping, it can mostly be found by comparing vaping to smoking cigarettes. Below is a list of all the differences and explanations of how vaping is superior to smoking cigarettes. Read on and learn more.

1.   The Best Way to Quit Smoking

The Electric Vaporizer contains no chemicals, no carbon monoxide, no harmful toxins like those found in conventional cigarettes. Conventional or traditional cigarettes have more than 4,000 different types of venom harmful to the smoker and those around them and these poisons are NOT found in Electric Cigarettes. So if this is your only reason to treat Electric Cigarettes and set aside conventional cigarettes, CONGRATULATIONS!

2.   Smoking Less!

One of the advantages of Electric Cigarettes is that you can even get to smoke less. With conventional cigarettes you are forced to smoke the whole cigarette and with the Electric Cigarette you can inhale twice and put it away if you want to. In truth you will get to smoke less and best of all you are going to smoke something that will not hurt you.

3.   Save money!

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Electric Cigarettes are much cheaper than conventional cigarettes. A pack of conventional cigarettes can cost around $6 dollars. An Electric Cigarette cartridge costs about US $2. They are $4 savings per pack. And if you use Liquid Nicotine to recharge your Electric cartridge it is much more than you can save. The Liquid Nicotine will cost you $1 per pack.

4.   Say goodbye to second hand smoking.

With the Electric Cigarette ends the problems with the people that are around us because with these Cigarettes there is no second hand smoker. With conventional cigarettes the health of passive smokers may be even more affected than that of the same active smoker. Now Electric Cigarette Smokers can smoke quietly next to their families and / or others around them, the steam coming out of the Electric Cigarette looks like the smoke of the Traditional Cigarette but it is nothing more than water vapor that disappears after a few seconds.

5.   No Smoking

The Electric Cigarette only produces water vapor with no pollution released into the environment every time you ‘smoke’. It is something like the Green alternative in relation to conventional cigarettes.

In conclusion, vaping is overall the better option for anyone who likes to smoke. You can use it to get your nicotine fix and it’s not harmful to yourself or to the people around you. Check out the volcano vaporizer Amazon sale to get a vape of your own to make the switch. Be sure to try out the nicotine free flavors as well.

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Build a Computer to Save Money

If you are determined to get a new computer, but you do not want to go too far away form your budget, then we have a way for you to save money. What you are going to do is build your own computer, instead of spending money on a new one from a pre-build site. For instance, instead of going to Amazon or a company’s own website where they have pre-built computers on sale, you will buy the individual parts and then you are going to assemble the entire machine on your own. Here is how you are going to get it done.

The first thing that you will do is decide on a budget. Let us say you go with $700. Now you have to figure out what you need, and what you want from the computer. Do you need an operating system? Will you need a monitor too? If you do not need those things, as you can use the ones you have, you are already getting more money to spend on parts. Now figure out WHY you want the computer. Do you just want something nice that can run at a good speed and last you for many years? Then you will want a great processor, hard drive, a good amount of RAM and a solid motherboard.

Maybe you are the type of person who plays a lot of games. Then you will want a very good graphics card, while you may want two hard drives so you can fit all your games. Make sure one of your hard drives is always a SSD, as they give you much more speed for the operating system. If you do work on the computer such as editing and processing, then you will want a processor that gives you very fast speeds.