Rabbits Like Cages with Extra Room

A Rabbit Cage might come in many different sizes and what you need will depend on your situation. Having a rabbit is super cool since they make such good companions. You might be wondering if you should get your rabbit a standard cage with enough room for a couple items or whether you should get a larger one.

Extra Large Cages Offer More Room to Play

If you have a rabbit that loves its litter box to be close by then a smaller cage might not cut it. You should really consider investing in an extra large rabbit cage because you’ll be able to fit in more stuff. You can fill in the cage space with a water bottle and a couple of toys for them to enjoy. A litter box might be too big to fit even in an extra-large cage with two adult rabbits, but you’ll have to find the right balance.

extra large rabbit cage

A quick look at what an extra large rabbit cage offers you and your bunny are the following. First, you’ll notice that it’s a very durable and sturdy cage which won’t break easily. There’s also plenty of room for two adult rabbits to enjoy living in harmony together. You might not be able to accomplish putting two adult rabbits in a large cage, so the extra-large feature is what makes that much more feasible.

Also, there’s a bottom plastic area that keeps things like hay or bedding from spilling out over the side. If you put a water dish in there you’ll be able to clean up a spill without it going outside of the cage. The frame is also chew proof and is made of wire that won’t rust easily either. You can rest assured that all the coatings that the wires have been treated with are non-toxic.

An Extra-Large Cage with Multiple Access Doors

You can leave your rabbits an opening to come and go as they please with the multiple access doors. There is a total of 4 doors that you can decide which ones to keep open or shut. An elevated shelf will also give your rabbits a perch to keep watch for anything interesting or to rest on.

If you want to you can put a grate underneath the bottom of the plastic cage to make catching droppings and urine a lot easier. You can really get a lot out of your rabbit cage if you know what you’re looking for. You will be able to transport it easily and make it a wonderful second home for your rabbits. Putting a blanket over the top can make rabbits feel cozy and will help them get more sleep.

With a little bit of creativity, you can make a huge difference in how your rabbits feel. You want them to be comfortable and safe within your house and within their cage. There’s nothing to worry about when you have invested in such a cage that gives them plenty of room to move around in.